So, if you’ve been checking me out on the string of recent radio and podcast interviews that I’ve been featured on (shout out to Andre and The Inaxxs Group team), you’ve also heard some news about my current situation.

To make sure that there is no misconception or misunderstanding, I decided to make the following statement:

I want to take this time to publicly announce that my term with Role Model Records has come to an end, and I have chosen not to renew my contract with RMR, but to move on and release music independently for the time being.

My decision to leave RMR, which was made after prayer and much discussion with my management, is one born from a desire to explore other opportunities and there is no ill will between RMR and myself; in fact, I would like to thank them for all they’ve done for my career while I’ve been an artist on their label.

Over the past four years the RMR team has provided an excellent platform for me to hone my craft and expand my reach as an artist, as well as connecting me with some great opportunities like working with RMG Amplify.

I will continue to support RMR and their artists and I look forward to future collaborations with their team.

Going forward, please contact Andre Mullen at for all bookings and inquiries.

Thanks for rocking with me and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow as an artist and present the best music.

You can read the full release here.

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