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“How About a Tour?”

To support my album, I decided to link up with friends of mine - Uzuhan, Parris Chariz, V.Rose, and Ada Betsabé - to come out and see you guys! Come enjoy the music and experience what's been on my heart for a bit. Click the link below and buy or RSVP today! Strange...

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Strange Days, Long Nights


Dru Bex is back with his third full-length album with production from go-to heat makers, Jeremy Rodney-Hall and Quinten Coblentz, along with bangers from Cardec Drums and solid up and coming producers, Hayes and Jaae Kash, SDLN boasts Dru’s usual penchant for solid collaborations, this time including the likes of V. Rose and reggae legend Papa San, all coming together to create a darkly painted canvas with moments of brightness, sonically reflecting the fact that so many of us feel like we’re living in scary and uncertain days full of anxiety. For many of us, It might seem like we are going through one long, sleepless night, but Dru hopes to remind us all that joy comes in the morning!

Executive produced by Dennis Dunkley

Produced by Hayes Purdy, Jaae Kash, Jacob Cardec, Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Quinten Coblentz, Tasan Thompson, Sebastian V.

Mixed and mastered by Adam J. Pondang

Release Date: March 22 2019


In God’s Good Time

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The Good Cypher (Shemix)

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Midnight in Miami

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Winter in July

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Midnight in Miami

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The Good Album

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Finally Found

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Good Riddance


Running Man

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Imperfect Messenger

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from “Strange Days, Long Nights”


From “Eday” by Deeboy

Winter in July


Good Life

From “The Good Album”

Running Man

From “The Good Album”


From “Imperfect Messenger”

About Dru Bex

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, often described as the most multi-cultural city in the world, Dru Bex was exposed to the world at a very young age. Losing his mother at the age of 7, he navigated the streets of Toronto with the values that she instilled in him. The same passion and drive fuels the music that he creates – life from a spiritual perspective – telling his story while offering commentary on the world as he sees it.



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