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News: My Future With Role Model Records

So, if you’ve been checking me out on the string of recent radio and podcast interviews that I’ve been featured on (shout out to Andre and The Inaxxs Group team), you’ve also heard some news about my current situation.

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New Music: In God’s Good Time OUT NOW!

Dru releases his highly anticipated second album, In God’s Good Time. The project marks Dru’s growing momentum of recent releases including Midnight in Miami featuring Zauntee and the “shemix” of The Good Cypher – the all female cast that included LaToria, Kay Sade, Kai, and A.i..

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News: The Inaxxs Group Signs Dru Bex for Representation

Toronto Hip-Hop and Role Model Records artist Dru Bex has signed with The Inaxxs Group for representation.  

Dru Bex has established himself as a considerable force within Christian Hip-Hop coming out of Canada. His string of impactful releases began with 2016’s single, Running Man, which garnered considerable momentum on streaming platforms.

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In God’s Good Time


In God’s Good Time Dru Bex’s latest album.

“This album is about time in general. On a personal level, it’s about the way things have changed in my life over the years with my faith, my relationships and my career. It’s also about the current times that we live in and what God has done in the past, what He’s doing in the present and the hope that we have for the future. Every song title has something to do with time” says Dru Bex.

Executive produced by Sola Ogunbitan, Dennis Dunkley, & Jeremy Rodney-Hall

All songs produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall except #3 (co-produced Sebastian Valiente), #5 (produced by OB with additional production by Adam J.), #8 (produced by MoFlo Music), and #12 (produced by Quinten Coblentz).

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam J. Pondang.

Release Date: May 2018


  1. Lessons in Time (ft. Mission)
  2. IGGT
  3. Clockwise (ft. Shopé)
  4. Gotta Go (ft. Jeremy Rodney-Hall & Wande)
  5. Buzzer Beater (ft. Roy Tosh & Phil J.)
  6. Number Lyrics
  7. Delorean
  8. The Times (ft. Hyper Fenton)
  9. Midnight in Miami (ft. Zauntee)
  10. Up at 1 A.M./The Wait (ft. Jeremy Rodney-Hall & Alana)
  11. Closing Time
  12. Maybe Then (Ft. Quinten Coblentz)


Midnight in Miami

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The Good Cypher (Shemix)

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Winter in July

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The Good Album

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6 LUV VOL. 1



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From “The Good Album”

running man

From “The Good Album”

Christian Rappers

From “6 Luv Vol.1”


From “Imperfect Messenger”


About Dru Bex

Dru Bex is a Toronto-based emcee and singer signed to Role Model Records.  Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dru Bex was exposed to the world at a very young age. Losing his mother at the age of 7, he navigated the streets of Toronto with the values that she instilled in him. Music was the means by which he could express his frustrations, joy, fears, and desires. He connected with some young men in his church to form Christyle, where he gained experience performing, collaborating, producing and writing.



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